A good toy for a Cockatoo is one that's durable and can be interacted with. Cockatoos are very intelligent and energetic birds. Learn which toy is right for your bird.

Cockatoos are affectionate, lively, inquisitive, intelligent, energetic birds. Many Cockatoos enjoy playing rough with toys with their large powerful beaks are one of the strongest bites in the bird world. You will want to pick more durable toys that can be chewed and played with. Toys size needs to be appropriate as Cockatoos require plenty of space in their cage.

Selecting the right toy for your Cockatoo is very important for the birds mental health and physical enrichment. Cockatoos require a lot of time and affection from their owners. Cockatoos have a lot of energy to play and love social interaction. The best toys for Cockatoos are ones that the bird enjoys, that they can bite, climb, explore and chew on, and are size appropriate for the cage. A toys size shouldn’t prevent the bird from moving comfortably in their cage. As with all large birds, it's critical that their feathers don’t touch the bottom of the cage. Some toys may be more appealing to your Cockatoo than others. It can be a fun activity to introduce a new toy periodically to your bird and see if it becomes their new favorite play item.

1286 Huge 14 Bar Ladder---

1286 Huge Bar Ladder

The Huge 14 Bar Ladder is a very long toy at 61 inches long by 10 inches wide. Each of the ladder rungs are easy for a birds beak or foot to grab at 1.5 inches diameter. The ladder can be bent and shaped for any cage and has easy quick link attachments on all four of its corners. The ladder is great to use as a way for your bird to sit and explore in the cage. All of the natural wooden rungs and colorful blocks are chewable.

1297 Jumbo Tri Swing ---

1297 Jumbo Tri Swing

The Jumbo Tri Swing is a good toy for medium to large sized birds at 22 inches tall by 18 wide. The swing have 3 offset natural wood cylinders. The triangular shape hangs from 3 study link chains. These chains are decorated with natural chewable wooden blocks, colorful cotton rope and tied off leather piecces. The swing is a very durable toy and made to take the playful energy of an excited Cockatoo.

1116 Gigantor ---

1116 Gigantor

The Gigantor is a sizable toy at 32 inches tall by 14 inches wide. This toy is perfect for the Cockatoo that enjoys to chew and explore. The Gigantor has a ton of chewable items and will provide many hours of enrichment to the most active Cockatoo. The toy has multiple levels of brightly colored chewable wooden blocks and are decorated with colored cotton rope. The top of the toy has a heavy duty quick link for easy hanging. 

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