A good perch for a bird is a place for your bird to play, preen, and promote healthy activities! Learn about the 1280 Huge Swing Perch for your pets perch.

Perches make great toys for all different types of birds. The 1280 Huge Swing Perch is no ordinary perch. This solid perch is made with brightly colored natural wood blocks. The large perch is adorned with 2 leather straps and 2 large play bells to promote more play time on this toy.

The 1280 Huge Swing Perch will keep your bird entertained with chewing, swinging, preening, leg strengthening, climbing and more. This visually stimulating toy is great for large birds and will help ensure a healthy and activity toy for your bird. Most owners think of rope perches as just another toy, this is incorrect. Perches are more than just a fun toy. Birds that swing on these perches build stronger legs from constant balancing and swinging movements. The 1280 has brightly colored large natural wood blocks, this promotes chewing and is visually stimulating. These features help ensure that your bird will not be bored with this perch. In addition, the Huge Swing Perch has the 2 leather straps and 2 large bells at the bottom. This allows an interactive feature for this toy, as your bird swings or chews these bells will ring.

1280 Huge Swing Perch measures approximately 18 inches high by 15 inches wide. This makes this an ideal perch for large birds. The 1280 also comes with a quick link connector which allows quick and easy attachment of this to to virtually any kind of cage. Like all of our toys, the 1280 Huge Swing Perch is made from all 100% bird safe materials.

January 30, 2018 — Bonka Bird Toys

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