Bird owners can buy the 2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base to add a fun tropical twist to their pet’s cage. Learn about the coconut cups sold from Bonka Bird Toys.

A good coconut bowl for birds is the 2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base. This festive bowl adds a bit of Hawaiian tropical character to your bird’s cage. It serves as a great dry food holder for your bird’s favorite snack. Bonka Bird Toys also sells a 2-pack with the 2055 2pk Coconut Cup Flat Base.

2054 Coconut Flat Base

The 2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base is a very simple and straightforward product. It is half of a natural coconut shell, with a bottom portion that has been sanded. This allows the cup to remain steady without falling over on its own. Some birds may also like to play with the cup and try to knock it over or perch upon it.

Each cup is completely natural and will vary slightly in size and shape between other cups. Slight differences and imperfections help add to the cup’s charm, and they add another source of amusement for your feathered pal. Each cup measures approximately 4 inches across in diameter with a 2 inch depth. It is perfectly bird safe, though we recommend it for dry food only. The cup can easily spill if liquid is added.

Our coconut cups are also great for Hawaiian and luau parties. These cups will add a nice boost of tropical flare to your gathering. Your guests will love eating small snacks off of a real coconut cup, and they certainly help get everyone into the spirit. And if things get a little wild, the coconut cups are great for taking back some shots or even using as a festive ashtray.

Whether you use our coconut cups for your bird or for a party, we are sure that you will love the natural Hawaiian twist that they add to the setting. The possibilities for the 2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base are truly endless, and we encourage you to get creative. Nothing says tropical fun like a coconut cup, and these fun holders will surely get you into the island spirit.

May 09, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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