Keeping your pet bird refreshed and clean is important. Your cockatoo will look and smell great with our Cockatoo Renew Shampoo. Learn about Cockatoo Renew.

Cockatoo Renew is a bird shampoo specifically crafted for cockatoos. The formula is designed to whiten their feathers and keep their skin nice and healthy. Cockatoo Renew is completely bird-safe, and it offers a pleasant fragrance that will surely be enjoyed by both you and your pet bird.

Cockatoo Renew

As a cockatoo owner, you likely know the challenges of keeping your feathered friend clean. Their white feathers can quickly become dirty and dusty, resulting in a dingy appearance. A cockatoo looks best when its feathers are gleaming white and shining brightly. Keeping your cockatoo nice and clean will also help them stay vibrant and happy. You can accomplish this with our Cockatoo Renew Shampoo 17oz. Remember, a clean bird is a happy bird.

Many cockatoo owners also face the challenge of maintaining their cockatoo’s skin. When compared with the natural cockatoo habitat, domestic environments are frequently low in humidity. This can result in your pet cockatoo developing dry, flaky skin. Your bird may pluck at its feathers because the skin below feels itchy and irritated. A proper cockatoo bird shampoo will prevent this issue and keep their skin healthy and moist. Cockatoo Renew does this without stripping oils from their skin. This is crucial for ensuring long-term health.

Bonka Bird Toys recommends Cockatoo Renew Bird Shampoo for any cockatoo owner who wants to provide a proper cleanse for their feathered friend. It is specifically blended for white cockatoo feathers, without the use of bleach, peroxide or alcohol. Instead, Cockatoo Renew Shampoo includes natural aloe and a refreshing coconut fragrance. The shampoo will clean, deodorize and shine their feathers to keep your cockatoo looking and smelling fantastic. Each bottle contains 17 ounces to provide repeated bathing sessions as needed.

Remember to bathe your cockatoo regularly to soothe their dry skin and help them maintain their white, shiny feathers. You should do this at least twice per week, and possibly more if you live in a rather dry environment. You and your cockatoo will love the great results offered from Cockatoo Renew Shampoo 17oz as it provides effective deodorization and naturally whitens their feathers. Buy Cockatoo Renew from Bonka Bird Toys to ensure that your cockatoo stays happy and clean!

May 09, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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