2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base

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2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base

Looking to add a great natural cup to your birds cage or aviary? The 2054 Coconut Cup Flat Base is the perfect addition! The cup is a 100% natural half coconut shell. The bottom of the cup has a small area that has been sanded flat allowing the cup to stand upright on its own. The cup can be used for many different things with your pet. If used as a dry food holder its best to use some other material to stabilize the base so that your pet doesn't tip the cup over. As the cup is natural it will vary slightly in size and can have slight imperfections. If turned over, it can work as a creative obstacle for your pet to walk on and explore. The cup can also be added to different parts of the cage or other large toys as a creative fun extra toy. The cup measures approximately 4 inches wide with a 2 inch high and a 4 inch depth, though as they are natural this will vary from cup to cup. The cup is 100% bird safe. 


  • Single flat base coconut cup.
  • 100% natural coconut cup.
  • Great to use as a dry food holder.
  • 100% bird safe. 


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