If you are having trouble with your bird plucking its feathers, you can achieve great results with Pluck No More. Learn about this safe and effective liquid.

Pluck No More is an herbal liquid that can be applied to a bird’s feathers in a diluted amount to discourage them from plucking or mutilating their feathers or skin. The product is completely bird safe when used correctly, and it is highly effective in stopping unwanted destructive behavior.

Pluck No More

There are many great aspects of Pluck No More. The product is great for reducing bird anxiety, fear, separation anxiety, poor eating habits and other behavioral issues associated with feather-plucking. The substance is made in the USA, and it is a complete herbal liquid with a safe and natural homeopathic formula. Bonka Bird Toys offers Pluck No More in six ounce bottles with free shipping.

When using Pluck No More, you should make sure to properly dilute the liquid depending on your bird’s species. For small birds, you should only use one-fourth of a capful to 4 ounces of distilled drinking water. This includes birds like cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, quakers, canaries and parakeets. Larger birds can receive one-half of a capful for every 4 ounces of distilled drinking water. This includes birds like African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus and Macaws.

The diluted liquid should be added to a small spray bottle. You should then add one capful of distilled drinking water to further dilute the substance. This will prepare the Pluck No More for regular use. You must remember to bathe your bird thoroughly in a tub before using Pluck No More. We recommend using Feather Shine Shampoo to clean your bird. Make sure to completely rinse off any residual shampoo before spraying.

Applying Pluck No More is very simple. You should gently spray your bird directly at any affected areas three to four times per day. It will normally take 15 to 25 days before positive results are seen. If you don’t see any changes in your bird’s behavior after six month, consult a veterinarian for further assistance. Pluck No More can also be used with dogs who tend to pull on their fur, lick their toes or bark excessively. It is suitable for dogs of all sizes. For dogs, use one capful in 10 ounces of distilled drinking water.

May 09, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys


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