Bonka Bird Toys offers many clamp cup feeders like the 3412 Stainless Steel 5 oz Clamp B Cup. These make it easy to feed your bet. Learn about this product.

A good clamp cup feeder from Bonka Bird Toys is the 3412 Stainless Steel 5 oz Clamp B Cup. This versatile product will provide you with a simple and convenient way to make sure your feathered friend has easy access to food. You can also use the feeder cup with other small animals and pets.

Many bird owners ask us about the best way to serve food for their pets. While you can really use any container, there are certain advantages to using feeders specifically designed for pets. One great thing about a feeder like the 3412 Stainless Steel 5 oz Clamp B Cup is that it is less likely to become scratched or damaged than other containers. This is true even if your bird uses its beak or talons against the feeder. The heavy duty stainless steel material is very tough, and its scratch resistant design provides you with a durable product that will last a long time.

Another excellent aspect of stainless steel is that it is very easy to clean. As you repeatedly use a container, it is prone to becoming messy and stained. But stainless steel can be easily wiped down, and any sediment or residue will come right off. The material will remain pleasantly shiny so that it maintains an attractive appearance. Not only that, but the shiny silver color is known to be visually appealing to birds. Your pet will be attracted to the shiny color, and it will help encourage them to stop and eat some food when it is time for a meal.

The 3412 Stainless Steel 5 oz Clamp B Cup is non-magnetic, and it is high carbon for longer lasting use. There is even a handle on the side so that you can conveniently scoop food when needed. The included clamp allows you to conveniently secure it to a cage, kennel, or other animal containment structure. Although it was designed with birds in mind, you can really use it with any small animal. Just be aware that the bowl is only 5 ounces, or 0.15 liters. It is likely too small for larger pets. The bowl measures 2.75 inches in diameter, and 1.5 inches high. You can get this great stainless steel feeder, as well as many other feeders from Bonka Bird Toys!


Heidi said:

I see the cup 3412 seems to be no longer available I need the 5 oz cups have several clamps in 2 sizes but only one cup fits the smallest clamp I have ,I like having a second set of dishes for my birds,which would you recommend? These are for their sleep cages so don’t need to be bigger than 5 ounces

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