Small birds with a natural instinct from climbing will really have a lot of fun with the 1474 Poker Dice from Bonka Bird Toys. Learn about the 1474 Poker Dice.

Yes, the 1474 Poker Dice toy is good for climbing birds. Small birds that like to climb should find that the toy is the ideal size for them. It presents a good challenge to climb and offers nice exercise, without being too difficult. The toy also promotes chewing and shredding opportunities.

Many bird owners often overlook the fact that birds are natural climbers. It makes sense when you think about it. Birds spend much of their time in trees moving around to gather nesting materials. As a result, they have developed superb climbing skills. Birds enjoy working their muscles to move their bodies across unusual structures. They really can make a jungle gym out of almost anything! And the 1474 Poker Dice from Bonka Bird Toys is perfect for the job.

There is quite a lot to take in with the 1474 Poker Dice toy. The product features three (3) large foam dice that are separated by bird-safe playing cards. The bottom of the toy is then decorated with colorful shreddy paper to attract your bird’s attention. Your feathered friend can climb up the dice and the cards to reach the top of the toy. Along the way, they will find some foam shapes for added chewing fun. Having to propel its body upward will offer great exercise for your pet!

The chewing and shredding potential of the 1474 Poker Dice should not be dismissed. Your bird will enjoy biting down on the foam dice and playing cards and pulling the toy all around. Moving around with this toy feels very satisfying, and it will surely help to alleviate cage boredom. All the materials featured in this fun toy are bird-safe and feel great on a bird’s beak. The toy measures about ten (10) inches long and two (2) inches wide. It comes with a quick-link attachment.

December 05, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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