Smaller birds will enjoy the 2124 Heart Card. This fun shredding toy will help your pet stay active and get some exercise. Learn about the 2124 Heart Card.

The 2124 Heart Card from Bonka Bird Toys is a shredding and chewing toy for small birds. Its heart-shaped design looks nice in the cage, and it features many exciting textures for your bird toy chew on. This small toy really has a lot to offer, and it will make a great treat for your pet.

At Bonka Bird Toys, we’re always looking to provide bird lovers with fun treats and surprises that owners can give to their pets. The 2124 Heart Card is an attractive and versatile toy that really makes a great addition to any cage. If you have a smaller bird that needs a variety of different materials to satisfy its beak, then this is a great toy for you!

The 2124 Heart Card consists of ten (10) heart-shaped playing cards that are separated by pieces of colored foam. There are also additional pieces of colored foam and plastic colored beads at the top and bottom of the toy. Birds can chew and shred the playing cards for some healthy exercise. And playful pets will love to tear up the foam rollers. The varied colors of the toy really give the 2124 Heart Card an attractive appearance.

For added fun, the toy features a wad of colored shreddy paper at the bottom. Your feathered friend can bite down on the paper shreds and pull them apart and away from the toy. Aggressive birds will really love the 2124 Heart Card with all the different textures and materials they can destroy. Your smaller bird will certainly find something to enjoy about this unique toy.

All the materials used in the 2124 Heart Card are bird-safe. However, it is still important to supervise your pet the first time they play with the toy. The bright colors are sure to attract your pet and make this toy a major hit in your cage. The 2124 Heart Card measures about three (3) inches wide and six (6) inches long. Its depth is 2.5 inches. The toy has a quick-link attachment at the top so that you can easily hang it in your cage.

November 27, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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