The Best toys for your small bird are the ones they use! 

Suppose you have finches, grass parakeets, lovebirds, or cockatiels. Small birds, even finches and canaries benefit from toys and a great cage setup. 

bonka bird toys 3450 Paper Shred

We recommend materials that can are easy to rip and shred for these littles, like (Bonka Bird Toys 3450 Paper Shred). The texture of the Paper Shred provides beak pleasure and can stimulate natural foraging instincts. Additionally, small treats can be tucked in the nooks and crannies, and folds for your bird to find. Hours of fun!

Another favorite with the smaller birds is anything made of Balsa. This safe wood is easily shreddable by tiny beaks and comes in many styles. Click here for Bonka bird toys Balsa Toys and various parts available.

bonka bird toys 0042 Small Jellyfish

In addition to Bonka Bird Toys shreddable toys, you can further enrich your bird's environment with colorful permanent toys in acrylic and shiny toys that jangle. Acrylic toys like Bonka bird Toys 0042 small jellyfish can be rotated in and out and are nearly impossible to destroy. Wash with hot water, let air dry, and they are ready for play. Acrylic toys will last for years with proper care.

Everybody loves a good bell, and small birds are no exception! Find toys that sparkle and shine and make plenty of noise! Many of the smaller species are ground foraging birds which means they are also ground playing birds! Small balls, trays with crumpled paper, and Bonka toy parts are lots of fun! Ground play might be new to some of your birds, so hide small treats or a bit of their regular food in these ground options.

bonka bird toys 1959 small charm rope boing

Don't forget Bonka bird toys rope perches and a good boing! These are just as important to feet' health as fun and enriching for your bird. Hang a shiny toy from the top of the boing, and let the shenanigans begin! If a boing doesn't work or your bird chews on the fiber, consider a great swing! 

Bonka bird toys Swings and moving perches more effectively mimic a natural environment and helps to reduce the risk of arthritis as they age. Be sure to hang toys in areas your bird can easily reach. Leave room for the bird to access food and water, spread its wings from all sides, and let the fun begin!

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