Yes, the Kings Cages 8004030 Playpen Bird Cage is a great choice for a Cockatoo. Keep reading to see why this is an excellent choice for these intelligent birds.

The Kings Cages 8004030 Playpen Bird Cage is a good choice for a Cockatoo because these energetic and social birds don't like to stay cooped up. They enjoy spending time with their humans outside of the cage. The playpen atop this beautiful abode will give the Cockatoo plenty of space.

The total dimensions of this sturdy, well-made cage are 40"W x 30"D x 76.75" H (101.6cm x 76.2cm x 194.9cm) with an interior height of 45" (114.3cm). The bars offer a gauge of 5mm, with 1" (2.54cm) bar spacing. This cage can stand up to the most ardent of chewers. The powder coated finish is bird-safe and will last twice as long as an inferior paint finish. The 8004030 comes in a variety of colors, with Sandstone, White, Coppertone, Grey/Silver, and Black/Silver to choose from. This stunning cage is sure to complement any area of your home.

The main door is large, measuring 37"H x 18.5"W (93.9cm x 46.9cm). This allows ingress and egress for your bird without them having to stoop. Whether your bird steps up to your hand or a hand-held perch, they'll have no problem going into and out of this cage with its large front door. The door includes a bird-resistant lock, just in case you have a Houdini on your hands.

The Kings Cages 8004030 features four (4) 30 Oz. (.85kg) stainless steel food and water bowls with swing-out doors. These doors allow for easy feeding and watering, as well as easy clean-up of uneaten food without having to open the main door. Each of these swing out doors also has a bird-resistant lock. There is also door for a breeder box, for easy placement. There are two (2) interior wooden perches included. With a wealth of both horizontal and vertical bars, climbing and play inside the cage will be very easy. Toys and swings can be hung easily inside.

There is a slide-out grate and tray at the bottom of the cage which allows for easy cleaning. But this cage goes one step further, including an optional seed skirt that can be installed around the bottom of the cage. The seed skirt catches small bits of food and other waste and redirects it toward the slide-out tray where it can be easily disposed of. The seed skirt adds 5" (12.7cm) all the way around the cage when installed, so be sure to allow for this when planning where you'll put your new cage. The matching stand offers four (4) screw-in casters so you can easily move the cage for cleaning, or for a change of scenery for your companion bird.

And we saved the best for last! The playpen atop the Kings Cages 8004030 Playpen Bird Cage offers tons of fun for your beaked buddy. It includes two (2) wooden perches and two (2) stainless steel 20 Oz. cups for food, treats, or water while your buddy plays. Two (2) color coordinated ladders are included and they can be placed between the bottom and the first perch, or between the first perch and the second. This allows you to mix things up and keep your feathered friend on their toes. There's even a slide out tray under the playpen to easily clean up any mishaps or messes that may occur during play time.

Your Cockatoo, Amazon Parrot, African Grey, Macaw, or any other medium-to-large bird will surely enjoy calling the Kings Cages 8004030 home. Cockatoos look forward to several hours per day of play time with their human flock, time outside the cage, but they also need alone time inside. The playpen is a great way for them to feel close to their caretaker, with the cage acting as a safe haven when alone-time is needed. Always 100% bird safe, and recognized worldwide for the quality of their cages, Bonka Bird Toys is proud to offer the Kings Cages 8004030 Playpen Bird Cage.

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