Looking for great spoon bird toys then check this out. The 1969 Spoon Delight and the 1340 Sneaker Delight are two awesome choices. Learn more about them here.

Either of these options are a great choice for your medium sized feathered friends. Why not enhance your birds playtime activities by allowing them to climb, look, and swing all over this toy. Your feathered companion will love making noise with these toys as the spoons tap each other.

1969 Spoon Delight1340 Sneaker Delight

Both of these stunning options measures approximately 14 inches in height, spoons are 3 - 4 inches in length and they both come complete with multiple hanging options. Both the Spoon Delight and the Sneaker Delight come with multiple colorful acrylic rings for your feathered friend to chew on or even peck at helping to keep their beaks in tip top shape. The mirror-like reflections on the stainless spoons also give your bird the option to look at a reflection of their gorgeous selves, as well as playing a noise maker (which all birds love to make noise) making beautiful sounds when the spoons collide together on this wonderful bird toy. The 1340 Sneaker Delight also has multiple canvas sneakers hanging from the chain link which your bird can chew on and your bird will also love the texture of the sneakers. Both these options can be hung on both rings at the end of the chain link or they can be hung from one end of the chain link letting the other end hang down in a vertical position.

  • Durable, safe and strong which lasts longer
  • Multiple hanging options whether in or out of the cage
  • An entertaining distraction very bright and colorful
  • All materials used to make these two toys are completely bird safe
  • 1340 Sneaker Delight and 1969 Spoon Delight are handmade in the USA
January 03, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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