In need of a shreddable toy suitable for your small birds beak? Our 1472 Poker, 1243 Foamy Delight and 1791 Paper Puff are irresistable. Check them out below!

The 1472 Poker and 1243 Foamy delight offer slightly denser materials for your smaller feathered friends beak to shred away at. Making the two of these ideal for those little guys with higher energy. While our 1791 paper puff is a joyous, shreddable treat that any smaller bird would love.

1472 Poker


1243 Foamy Delight


1791 Paper Puff


When your small feathered friends beak gets itchy for some action, these three toys offer an array of options for shreddable play. Let your little guy try their “hand” at the 1472 Poker; a literal stack of playing cards with variously shaped foam inserts between them. The stack is decorated with a poof of shredded paper strips at the bottom and stands at 7 inches high by 2 inches wide. Just large enough to maneuver around and small enough other birds in the home won't infringe on their poker time.The 1243 Foamy Delight is just that; a shreddable delight. An array of eight woven shred tubes and colorful foam spacers are stacked 7 inches high and 6 inches wide. Your small feathered friend won't know where to begin shredding each time they visit this toy. Both of these are slightly thicker material, meaning a small birds beak will have to work at shedding them. This provides a fantastic outlet for higher energy birds throughout their day. Now, we have the less durable, but absolutely irresistible 1791 Paper Puff. With a seemingly endless amount of openings in this ball of layered scalloped paper, your small feathered friend will be enthralled. Watch as they approach each layer with enthusiasm and shred away to their little hearts content. All of these shreddable delights will be a welcome addition to any of your small feathered friends homes.

  • COMBAT CAGE BOREDOM with multiple play options
  • QUICK LINK for easy placement in or out of the cage
  • ALL BIRD SAFE MATERIALS no harmful substances to give you peace of mind when it comes to playtime
January 06, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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