In need of great foraging toys for your bird? Search no more. The 1845 Pluck My Rings, 1042 Duo Foraging Heart, and the 1730 Foraging Heart. Learn more here.

The 1042 Duo Foraging Heart and the 1730 Foraging Heart are great foraging, shredding, preening, and chewing options for your small to medium sized feathered friends. While the 1845 Pluck My Rings promotes healthy chewing and preening behavior. Your bird will love either of these 3 options.

1042 Duo Foraging Heart

1730 Foraging Heart

1845 Pluck My Rings

The 1730 Foraging Heart bird toy is a colored vine heart stuffed with brightly colored crinkly paper and adorned with colorful shred tubes and foam spacers. The 1042 Duo Foraging Heart is two brightly colored vine hearts that are adorned with colored chew tubes, colored foam spacers and stuffed full of crinkly colored paper. Both of these options provide healthy chewing, shredding, foraging, and preening behavior. You can even make it more exciting for your bird by hiding treats in the shred tubes giving your feathered companion a nice surprise to work for.Your bird can also shred the crinkle paper at the bottom of both toys and also in the hearts. And the 1845 Pluck My Rings natural colored chewable wood circles, rings, colored plastic beads, multiple colored vine balls, braided colored cord, frayed and tied sisal rope. With so many different beak appealing textures and shapes there is no way to go wrong when you choose this option. With all the different materials and textures and the way this toy was designed is meant to challenge and entertain your bird for quite some time keeping them busy and out of trouble.

  • Engages bird with a variety of textures and materials.
  • Alleviates cage boredom
  • Promotes healthy chewing, shredding, foraging, and preening behavior.
  • Will keep your bird physically active.
  • Made out of all bird safe materials.
  • A colorful addition to add too any cage.
  • Multiple treat hiding options.
  • Quick link for easy cage placement.
January 02, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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