A shiny stainless steel pipe bell is sure to please your beaked pal! Take a look at the 1642, 1643, and 1644 Stainless Steel Pipe Bells from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 16421643, and 1644 Stainless Steel Pipe Bells are a series of pipe bell toys from Bonka Bird Toys. The shiny bells will ring nicely when your pet pokes at them or swings them around. You can choose from three (3) different sizes to meet the needs of your favorite feathered friend.

Pipe bells are sometimes overlooked as bird toys, but they actually work quite well. Their high-pitched ringing sounds are pleasing to birds, and their thin profiles prevent birds from getting their heads stuck. The pipe bells from Bonka Bird Toys are known for their exceptional strength and durability. It is virtually impossible for a bird to dent or chip the bell, and they won’t be able to access and remove the ringing clapper inside. This ensures long-lasting fun and amusement for your pet.

The construction of our pipe bells is quite simple. The narrow bell is attached to a stainless steel link chain that is hung from the top of the cage using a quick-link attachment. The chain is as strong as the bell itself, so you won’t have to worry about your winged wingman getting too rowdy. We really love the stainless steel material, as it is nearly impossible for a bird to scratch or break. And best of all, it’s completely bird-safe. You can rest assured that you are giving your bird a super high-quality product, regardless of which bell you choose.

Bonka Bird Toys also sells colored, powder-coated steel pipe bells if you want something more colorful. But many birds prefer the shiny silver bells, due to their reflective surfaces. There’s just something birds love about a shiny silver surface. We think it’s the way that light reflects off the surface of the bells. It catches a bird’s attention and gets them ready for playtime. And once your bird gets started, they won’t want to stop ringing the bell and making noise!

As we mentioned earlier, we offer stainless steel pipe bells in three (3) sizes. The 1642 Small Stainless Steel Pipe Bell is about seven (7) inches long, one (1) inch wide, and has an opening of roughly (0.93) inches. The 1643 Medium Stainless Steel Pipe Bell is about eight (8) inches long, (1.25) inches wide, and the opening is slightly larger. The 1644 Large Stainless Steel Pipe Bell is the longest and widest of the three. Not including the chain, that bell measures in at (3.25) inches long, with a diameter of two (2) inches. Make sure to choose the appropriate size for your bird for a fun and safe play session.

You can’t go wrong with the 1642, 1643, and 1644 Stainless Steel Pipe Bells from Bonka Bird Toys. They are super easy to hang. The stainless steel material is incredibly tough, and it will never rust. This material is also easy to clean. Birds love the fun ringing sounds and reflective surfaces that quickly attract their attention.. The bells are completely bird-safe, and they make a great addition to any birdcage. All of these bells are proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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