Small to medium sized pet birds can enjoy some shiny excitement and fun with the 2001 Spoon Clacker from Bonka Bird Toys. Check out the 2001 Spoon Clacker.

The 2001 Spoon Clacker is a toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It is built with small to medium sized birds in mind. This is a durable, long-lasting toy with all the beak-pleasing textures and reflective surfaces to make your pet playful and happy. Your small bird will love the 2001 Spoon Clacker!

Even a small bird can throw a big temper tantrum if not properly entertained. And how do you entertain a bird? With fun toys of course! Birds love the shiny surfaces of stainless steel spoons. And with five (5) spoons of different lengths and sizes, your pet will surely be attracted by the 2001 Spoon Clacker. Your feathered friend will want to poke and peck at the spoons and shake them all about to make exciting ringing sounds.

But the 2001 Spoon Clacker has more to keep your pet occupied than just some shiny spoons. We can’t forget about the five (5) plastic acrylic pacifiers! These pacifiers are translucent, and they look very enticing when light shines through them. And perhaps more importantly, the smooth texture feels great on a bird’s beak. Your flying pal will love to chew and gnaw on the pacifiers for some satisfying beak exercise.

The entire toy is connected via stainless steel link chains that are run through a plastic 4-way connector tube. Each tube opening has the end of a chain with a single spoon and pacifier. Your bird can pull on the chains to have the spoons clash and clang. But where is the fifth spoon and the fifth pacifier? There is actually a metal ring at the bottom of the plastic 4-way connector tube with the extra goodies for your bird to find. Whether your bird is pulling on the spoons or chewing on the pacifiers, there is so much fun to be had with the 2001 Spoon Clacker!

What draws many bird lovers to the 2001 Spoon Clacker is its compact size. It’s big enough to get your bird excited, but not so huge that it dominates the aviary. The toy measures about ten (10) inches long, and it is roughly four (4) inches wide. The acrylic pacifiers are the perfect size for a smaller bird to enjoy. Your pet will be able to comfortably fit its beak around the pacifiers with little effort. And the toy only weighs seven (7) ounces, so your bird will have no trouble pulling the spoons all around and making the fun, pleasing sounds that they crave.

The 2001 Spoon Clacker is available in YellowBlue, and Pink, and there is also an assorted Mixed Color option available. Each color option looks great, and you can certainly find one that meets the fancy of your feathered friend. All of the materials used in this toy are completely bird-safe, but make sure to supervise your pet during their first play session. The 2001 Spoon Clacker is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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