Every bird needs some chewing toys. These toys let a bird work and maintain its beak, which helps it stay healthy. Check out the best chew toys for birds.

Some nice chewing bird toys are the 3401 PK4 Rawhide Chew Balls, the 3404 PK6 Small Sponge Slices, and the 3399 4.5 Inch Large Chew Bagel. Each toy can provide an active bird with a safe and healthy method for exercising its beak. All of these chew toys are available from Bonka Bird Toys.

Birds use chew toys to exercise and maintain their beaks. It is important to make sure your bird has some safe materials to chew upon. These materials should not damage the beak, and they should provide your bird with a pleasant sensation when they bite down and gnaw. Chewing toys will also provide a source of entertainment for your bird, and they can help prevent cage boredom.

One great chewing toy for a bird is the 3401 PK4 Rawhide Chew Balls. This is a 4-pack of natural rawhide balls that offer excellent versatility for nearly any bird. The rawhide spheres have nooks and gaps so that you can tie strings around them and hang them in the cage. They are also perfect for tossing around the cage for your bird to find. The rawhide material is long-lasting and feels great on a bird’s beak!

Another toy we recommend is the 3404 PK6 Small Sponge Slices. This is a 6-pack of natural sponge material that is cut into slices for your bird to enjoy. The natural sponge is a somewhat softer substance, making it a good choice for birds with weaker or damaged beaks. The sponge slices have holes, which gives you many options in how you will utilize the toys in the cage. Each slice measures about 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches long.

We also want to discuss the 3399 4.5 Inch Large Chew Bagel. This is a 4.5 inch compressed cardboard tube that your bird can chew on for some nice beak exercise. The cardboard tube features multiple layers that your feathered friend can peel back and access one by one. The toy makes for a fun and exciting play tunnel, and you can even hide treats and surprises inside. The toy is available in green, pink, and blue.

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