Small and medium birds need toys to exercise and strengthen their beaks. These toys will leave your bird satisfied. Check out some of our favorite beak toys.

Some good beak toys for small and medium birds are the 3014 Natural Block Bell and the 3151 Pizza Pizza. These toys are both perfect for smaller and medium-sized birds craving some satisfying beak exercise and chewing. They are both completely bird-safe and very long lasting and durable.

First up is the 3014 Natural Block Bell. This toy consists of some natural, chewable wooden blocks attached to a tough, stainless steel chain and decorated with a bell. The wood is perfectly safe for chewing, and it will provide your bird with a satisfying way to work their beak. The attached bell makes playtime fun, as it adds a pleasing sound effect that your bird will surely enjoy. This is the perfect toy for any small to medium bird that needs a durable beak toy.

The 3014 Natural Block has three (3) natural wood pieces for repeated fun and amusement. The toy is approximately eight (8) inches long and two (2) inches wide, allowing it to fit inside almost any birdcage. A quick link allows for easy cage placement. The product is handmade in Florida. It is made of 100% bird-safe materials.

Next we have the 3151 Pizza Pizza. This toy consists of a triangular piece of super thick cardboard that your feathered friend can chew upon time after time. The “pizza” is attached to a colored plastic chain that can be easily hung from a cage. The entire toy is decorated with colorful shredded paper to give your bird some foraging material to play with. Its bright colors are sure to attract your bird’s attention and give them something to play for hours on end.

The 3151 Pizza Pizza comes with a quick link attachment for easy placement inside the cage. The toy measures roughly 13 inches long and eight (8) inches wide. The cardboard is very thick at 1.5 inches deep. This makes it durable enough to withstand several aggressive playtime sessions. The toy is perfect for tugging, and it will allow your bird to get some much-needed movement. You can hang the 3151 Pizza Pizza or rest it on the ground for you bird to play with. The toy is 100% bird safe and sure to provide some satisfying amusement for your flying pal.

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