Bells are a must in any birds home. With so many options the 1235 Bell Bird Toy, 1166 Trio Bell and 890 Ring My Bell are all fantastic choices. See why here!

Jingles and color are promised by all three of these great toys. 1235 Bell Bird Toy and 890 Ring My Bell are two exciting stacks of bells and color. Then the 1166 Trio Bell triples the fun with three vibrant plastic chains that allow one to three bells being rang and toyed with at once.

1235 Bell Bird


1166 Trio Bell


890 Ring My Bell


Any of these three options offer affordable, audible entertainment for your small to medium feathered friends to ring-a-ding all day long. Lets begin with the 1235 Bell Bird toy. Here there are three small bells of different color, stacked up in a line that is accompanied by four solid and durable multicolored acrylic pacifiers. All of this is secured by 4 shiny metal links, and at 8 inches high and two inches wide it is sized for any birds home. When just one line of bells isn’t enough, then the 1166 Trio Bell is the answer. Three solid linked plastic chains suspend a small bell at the bottom of each. Measuring 9 inches high by 1 inch wide (each chain). The separate chains are decorated with colorful beads placed upon the links, enticing your small feathered friend to climb each of the three chains or your medium feathered friend to play all three. Three bells are hard to beat, that is until the 890 Ring my bell comes in. Here we have a spiral of colorful beads that are interwoven with five small bells. A simple design that ensures the biggest of noisemakers is satisfied after play time. Measuring 3 inches high by 1 inch wide, 890 Ring my bell is better suited for smaller birds.

  • A VISUAL TREAT an awesome array of color to peak their visual senses
  • QUICK LINK for easy placement in or out of the cage
  • ALL BIRD SAFE MATERIALS no harmful substances to give you peace of mind when it comes to playtime
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING the colorful plastic and bell construction are easily maintained
January 07, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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