The Kings Cages GC 14022 Corner Cage makes an excellent cage for a Caique or any medium to medium-large companion bird. Read on for the lowdown on this cage.

The Kings Cages GC14022 is a marvel of ingenuity. It's corner-centric design allows it to fit seamlessly into nearly any room. It is 54" W X 42.5" D by 72" H (1.37m x 1.07m x 1.8m) with an interior height of 60" (1.5m). It has 3/4" (1.9cm) bar spacing with 5.5mm bar thickness. This is a burly cage!

In addition to being an excellent cage for a Caique, the Kings Cages GC 14022 cage will work very well for any bird that may be intimidated by an over abundance of open space. As we discussed in our blog on choosing a cage for an African Grey Parrot, when these birds are younger, they can be timid. Having a cage such as this, where two sides can be placed in a corner against two walls allows them to feel more secure, as they can gain the confidence they need to flourish. 

Just because the GC 14022 can be set up in the corner, and fits perfectly there, it doesn't mean you have to set it up that way. It can be situated any way you like, and with the five (5) screw-in heavy-duty casters, you can move the cage easily, and safely. Whether it's for weekly deep-cleaning, or a change of scenery for your feathered friend, have GC 14022, will travel!

Moving up from the heavy-duty casters, the Kings Cages GC 14022 has matching seed guards all the way around the cage to help keep the floor and walls near it neat and tidy. There are also two (2) slide-out metal grills, and two (2) slide-out trays to facilitate easy cleaning. The space between the trays and the grills is 6.5" (16.5cm).

With four (4) swing-out doors, two (2) on either side, and four (4) 20 oz. (.5kg) stainless steel bowls inside, one (1) next to each door, taking care of your flock has never been easier. The front door is very large, providing easy and stress-free ingress and egress for your bird buddy. Above the main door is a fold flat semi-circular door that can be used as a perch or to hang swingstoys, and other goodies inside the cage. 

The cage itself is both beautiful, and tough. The bars are 5.5mm thick. Capable of standing up to even the strongest beaks. The bar spacing is 3/4" (1.9cm) so this cage may not be suitable for very small birds such as Budgies or Lovebirds. These birds may be able to get their heads between the bars, which could cause injury, so be mindful of that. A cage such as the Kings Cages SLF 6421 Bird Flight Cage would be a better fit for birds of that size.

Every door on the GC 14022 has a bird-safe lock. The top of the cage is flat, so it can be used to store some items that you want to keep near at hand. Two (2) wooden perches come with the cage, both are 39 3/4" (1m) long and 1" (2.54cm) in diameter. The welded bars of this cage make it extremely robust and durable and there is plenty of room for your bird to climb and explore.

Kings Cages are renowned in the avian accommodation industry, and their cages are avian veterinarian recommended. The powder coating on this cage is thicker and stronger than that of inferior cages, and powder coating is always superior to a painted finish, which can chip and peel and may be dangerous for you beloved bird. The GC 14022 is made with 100% bird-safe materials. This is a very heavy cage, and it does require assembly. Although one person may be able to assemble the cage once it's been placed in the proper room, it is recommended that at least two people carry it to the location where it will be assembled. 

November 19, 2021 —

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