The Kings Cages 9003628 Dome Top Cage is an excellent choice for an Eclectus Parrot. These mid-size birds need room to forage and play. Read on for more info.

The Kings Cages 9003628, with its powder coated finish, is a durable and beautiful home for any Eclectus Parrot, Cockatoo, Amazon Parrot, or similar size bird. It is 34"W x 26"D x 67"H (86.3cm x 66cm x 170cm) with an interior height of 27" (68.5cm). It has 1" (2.5cm) bar spacing and 5mm bar gauge.

So, that's the specs out of the way, let's talk about the good stuff. For starters, this cage is beautiful. It comes in a variety of color finishes that should complement any decor. The domed top means that hanging toys and swings won't by necessity take up too much of your companion bird's living space. After all, we wouldn't want to cramp their style. The Kings Cages 9003628 has a domed top door, suitable for use as a perch, or an easy way to allow your flock member to leave and enter their haven on their own. 

Eclectus parrots in particular need a lot of companionship, enrichment, and socialization, not to mention good exercise, so when your parrot is well-behaved, allowing him or her to come and go will help keep everyone happy and healthy. Just be sure the environment where your parrot has access is bird safe and hazard-free. For those times when access needs to be restricted, both the domed door and the large main door have bird-proof spring locks to keep your flying family member safe and secure.

Returning to the mundane stuff for just a second, the Kings Cages 9003628 Dome Top Cage has a seed guard around the bottom of the cage. This helps to prevent messes from getting onto the floor, and redirects seeds and other small items into the slide-out grate and tray. The seed guard will add about 3" - 4" (7.6cm - 10.1cm) all the way around the cage, so take this into consideration when planning where your cage will be placed.

The pull-out grill and tray are both 34 1/4" x 27 1/4" (86.9cm x 69.2cm). These two (2) items make the Kings Cages 9003628 a snap to clean daily. There are three (3) swing-out feeder doors with three (3) stainless steel bowls as well as an easy access breeder box door. A smooth wooden dowel perch is also included. The main door of the cage is particularly large, allowing you easy ingress and egress with your bird perched on a hand or mobile perch. No ducking required!

This cage is substantial, weighing 145 lbs (65.7kg). Assembly is required. One person can put the cage together, but having two pairs of hands available is a good idea. Once together, the four (4) industrial casters make it easy to move the cage from one area to another. The powder coated finish gives this cage superior durability, and it will easily last twice as long as a cage with a painted finish. Kings Cages are avian veterinarian recommended and 100% bird safe. Any Eclectus Parrot would be proud to call The Kings Cages 9003628 Dome Top Cage home. 

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