1214 pk3 Sola Atta Ball

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The 1214 pk3 Sola Atta Ball from Bonka Bird Toys are first-rate bird foot toys that pets absolutely love! This bird toy pack includes (3) sola atta balls. Each sola ball is made from the stem of the Sola plant. This plants botanical name is Aeschynomene Aspera and makes for the ideal bird (and other pets too!) foot and chew toy. The sola material is soft, spongy and super easy for pets to bite with their beak and grab with their feet. The sola stems have been arranged in an eye catching ball formation that you and your pet will adore. The balls can be easily broken up to make different shapes or to provide extra chewing and foraging material. The sola material also weighs very little allowing your pet to pick the balls up, toss them around and manipulate them as they see fit. The sola balls are great for other small pets providing a safe natural chew material. The sola balls can even be used for regular art and craft projects with their charming shape and neat looking surfaces. The 1214 pk3 Sola Atta balls are 100% bird safe and each measure about (2.5) inches in diameter. Keep in mind that the size of each ball varies slightly as these are natural products.


  • A great natural, chewable foot toy.
  • All bird safe.
  • Multiple uses.
  • 100% bird safe.

6 Reviews

  • 3
    Atta Ball

    Posted by VeNae Valentin on Aug 14th 2020

    My buzzsaw beak African Grey took about 3 minutes to destroy one, I love seeing her have fun but I don't think I can afford to give them to her daily.

  • 5
    My Green Cheek Conure Loves 'Em

    Posted by Sarah on Jan 18th 2020

    I pop sunflower seeds in some of the holes and my green cheek conure goes wild for it. It's a great, easy foraging toy.

  • 4
    Chew and destroy

    Posted by Luana on Aug 18th 2019

    My birds like this toy a lot. They love to chew and destroy. I would like this Toy hanging so it stays clean longer

  • 5
    Sola Atta Balls

    Posted by wendy on Aug 12th 2019

    My three parrots love playing with and tearing up these balls! Thank you for the great product

  • 5
    Addictive Shreddies!!

    Posted by Rebecca Lynn on Mar 18th 2017

    My two green cheek conures absolutely ADORE these sola balls. One of them is rarely interested in chewy/shreddy toys -- I have had no luck with adding-machine paper, grapevine balls, balsa wood, crinkled paper, or anything else beside my shirt collars (!) -- but he goes nuts for these. I only wish they could be purchased in larger quantities!

  • 5
    miss gray and her sola balls

    Posted by kathy turner on Dec 4th 2015

    I adopted a feather picking, abandoned, probably abused African gray parrot one year ago. she was terrified of everyone and everything. I couldn't walk away without her. as it turned out, she did not like me, but she loved my brother. so, he does have her now and it has taken this long for her to trust him enough to ride I on his shoulder and to our surprise her favorite toy had sola balls on it. this was the only thing she absolutely loved and destroyed with joy. I am going to keep purchasing these toys as it brings her such pleasure. thank you for your fast delivery and maybe other feather picker owners could try these toys. on his

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