Small to medium sized birds with active beaks love the 1721 Round Basket from Bonka Bird Toys. Keep your feathered friend busy with the 1721 Round Basket.

Yes, the 1721 Round Basket is good for small birds. The toy consists of a spherical natural woven bamboo basket that is filled to the brim with colorful crinkle paper and decorated with colored shred tubes. This fun product provides a safe, destructive outlet for small to medium birds.

Even smaller birds need some fun toys to prevent cage boredom. A bored bird can become aggressive and disruptive, and it may demonstrate undesirable behavior. But you can keep your pet engaged and stimulated with fun and safe bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys. The 1721 Round Basket is a prime example of a simple, yet effective toy that will make small birds very happy.

There are many ways to use the 1721 Round Basket for a pleasant playtime experience for your feathered friend. The most obvious is to allow your pet to slowly destroy the 1721 Round Basket over time. The woven bamboo basket and the shredding tubes will feel great on your pet’s beak, while the colored crinkly paper will quickly attract their attention. You can even buy more shredded paper here if you ever run out. Your pet may also choose to climb and walk around on the bamboo sphere to work its legs and talons.

We also need to mention the foraging potential of the 1721 Round Basket. You can easily hide treats and surprises inside the sphere among the crinkle paper or inside of the shredding tubes. This will give your winged pal something to look for, and it will encourage mental stimulation. Birds are natural hunters, and having to search for their next treat will make the reward feel more satisfying. It may take your bird a few minutes to find the surprise, but they will be very pleased once they do!

The 1721 Round Basket measures about eight (8) inches tall and seven (7) inches across. Although it is bird-safe for nearly any avian pet, its size makes it best-suited for small to medium birds only. The toy also includes a quick-link attachment for easy cage placement. You can encourage your bird to enjoy a healthy playtime habit with the 1721 Round Basket from Bonka Bird Toys!

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