Bonka Bird Toys has Christmas covered for your pet. You can make the holidays merry by getting your bird some fun toys. Check out these Christmas bird toys.

Some good Christmas bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys include the 90005 Christmas Duo Snowflake, the 1541 Christmas Tree, the 1542 Duo Christmas Tree, the 960 Christmas Star, and the 1040X Christmas Foraging Star. Your pet will love these Christmas toys! We have lots of bird toys for sale.

We know that decorating from Christmas is a big tradition for many of our customers. You can get your birds in the spirit with these fun and exciting toys. Your feathered friend is going to go crazy when you present some Christmas treats and surprises. This is a great way to change things up and show them that you really care.

There are many toys to cover in this post, and the first one is the 90005 Christmas Duo Snowflake. This toy has red and green plastic snowflakes that are interconnected with tanned leather strips. It is adorned with a red ringing bell and two (2) acrylic plastic pacifiers. Your bird can chew on the leather strips and the acrylic pacifiers. The plastic snowflakes are perfect for preening. And your pet will love the ringing bell at the bottom!

Many of our Christmas toys feature the natural vine material that birds absolutely crave. This natural vine is dyed Christmas colors like red, green, and white using food-safe dye. These Christmas toys with natural vine include the 1541 Christmas Tree, the 1542 Duo Christmas Tree, and the 960 Christmas Star. There is also the 1530 Large Christmas Tree if your bird needs something bigger.

We really cannot recommend these natural vine Christmas toys enough! Your beaked pal will love to chew on the vine material that mimics what they would find out in the wild. There is also foraging potential, as you can hide surprises inside the vines to give your bird something to look for. All of these toys feature quick-link attachments for easy hanging. And they each have a bell at the bottom to provide some fun ringing sound effects for your bird to enjoy!

Lastly, if you want to get your bird something really special, then you can reward them with the 1040X Christmas Foraging Star. This Christmas bird toy has it all, with multiple shredding tubes, a Christmas vine star, and a big wad of Christmas colored shredded paper at the bottom. This is a chewer’s delight, and your winged friend will love tearing this toy apart. Even the holidays are a great time for your bird to engage in some healthy destructive behavior! Your pet will stay healthy, happy, and strong with this exciting toy!

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