The 2092 Huge Tuff Pot is specifically made for durability. It can stand up to Macaws, Cockatoos, and other, more powerful companion birds. Check out this toy.

2092 Tuff Pot

The 2092 Huge Tuff Pot starts at a quick link connector. A chain hangs down through the center of a plastic ball, connecting to a metal ring with a plastic hoop hanging down. Two more chains bisect the toy horizontally. From both ends of each hangs another ring and a stainless steel measuring cup.

This toy is made to stand up to the strongest beaks! Not only that, but it's also made to create a terrific amount of noise. The main element of the toy is a plastic ball with irregular gaps so that you can see inside of it. There is another smaller ball inside which rattles around, making lots of wonderful sounds that your bird will love. 

The two (2) chains that bisect the five (5) inch plastic ball horizontally have ends that hang out on either side. At each of the four (4) ends of these chains hang another plastic ring as well as various sized stainless steel measuring cups. Your Macaw can pull on either the rings or the cups, and either way there will be a good deal of sound produced. The plastic rings are great for hanging other toys, perhaps ones that are less indestructible than this one, and that satisfy other enrichment needs

With the multi-colored plastic ball, the ball within a ball, and the festive plastic rings, your bird will enjoy interacting with the 2092 Huge Tuff Pot in a variety of ways. Each time they grab a ring and pull, there will be a variety of both movement and sound. The shiny stainless steel measuring cups provide a lot of the "ambience" produced by this cacophony causer. This toy measures 20 inches (50.8cm) High by 5 inches (12.7cm) Wide and weighs 16 ounces (.4kg). It is made with 100% bird-safe materials

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