Cardboard chew bagels are great for birds! Bonka Bird Toys offers its 2120 Pk9 1.75 Inch Chew Bagels made from compressed cardboard. Learn about chew bagels.

Yes, birds like cardboard chew bagels. Compressed cardboard chew bagels, such as ones from the 2120 Pk9 1.75 Inch Chew Bagels from Bonka Bird Toys, make fantastic chew and foot toys for birds. The multiple layers of compressed cardboard material will surely entertain your feathered friend.

Rolls of compressed cardboard are often nicknamed “bagels” due to their round design with an open center, much like an actual bagel. These bunches of compressed cardboard are actually quite useful as bird toys, and they can be used in a number of different ways. We particularly like them as chew toys and foot toys for birds of all sizes. Bonka Bird Toys offers the 2120 Pk9 1.75 Inch Chew Bagels, which have a colorful outer layer to attract a bird’s attention.

The thick texture of compressed cardboard layers feels satisfying on a bird’s beak as they chew. Your taloned trustee will love to chomp down on the cardboard material to try and bite through the bagel. But with the firm texture and strong build of the bagels, this can take quite a while. Your pet may also try to peel off the various layers of the compressed cardboard rings for some fun shredding activity. Many birds are natural shredders, and destroying one of these bagels can be extremely satisfying for your avian amigo!

With their ring-like design, the cardboard chew bagels are perfect for hanging. This makes them easy to access as chew toys. Buy you can also leave them loose around the cage so that your pet can march and climb all over them. Your bird will love to use their talons to try and grip the cardboard rings. This is an excellent foot exercise for a bird, and it will surely help keep your pet strong and healthy. The cardboard bagels are also very lightweight, so a pet bird should have no trouble moving them all around.

Each order of the 2120 Pk9 1.75 Inch Chew Bagels from Bonka Bird Toys includes nine (9) compressed cardboard bagels for your pet to enjoy. They come in an assortment of different colors to entertain your beaked pal. Each one has a diameter of (1.75) inches, and a thickness of (0.5) inches. The weight is less than half an ounce per bagel, so your pet will be able to move the bagels around and manipulate them as needed. These chew bagels are completely bird-safe, but you should still remember to supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. You can get the 2120 Pk9 1.75 Inch Chew Bagels from Bonka Bird Toys.

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