Your beaked pal will love pulling and chewing on the 806 Duo Coco Sandal! The toy offers a tropical look for the aviary. Check out the 806 Duo Coco Sandal.

The 806 Duo Coco Sandal is a double-layer chewing and pulling toy that features two (2) half coconut shells, plus eight (8) hanging rubber sandals. This toy is perfect for your medium to large bird’s busy beak, and tropical breeds will enjoy the fun island theme that the coconuts offer.

We really got creative with the design of 806 Duo Coco Sandal. From the top, the toy starts with a quick-link attachment that allows for easy hanging. The quick-link attachment secures a stainless steel link chain that runs through the rest of the toy. The link chain is covered up by colored plastic straw pieces to make the toy a bit more colorful and inviting,

As you travel down the chain on the 806 Duo Coco Sandal, you will encounter two (2) separate half coconut shells along the way. These shells are completely natural, and they are just like what a tropical bird would find out in the wild. The tough shells feel great on a bird’s beak, and the island look is always appreciated. Long-lasting fun is ensured, as it will take your bird quite some time to chew through these shells.

But the excitement for the 806 Duo Coco Sandal doesn’t end with the coconuts, as there are four (4) holes drilled into each half shell. Each hole secures a metal ring with a complete mini rubber sandal and an attached colored acrylic ring. The sandals come complete with a rubber sole, a strap for pulling and adding new toys, and an empty cavity that you can fill for some foraging fun!

Birds love chewing on the rubber mini sandals, as the texture feels quite satisfying. And we also strongly recommend filling the empty space inside the sandals with your pet’s favorite treat or surprise. This will allow for some foraging excitement! We should also mention that the colored acrylic ring accompanying each sandal provides a nice change of pace for when your feathered friend wants to chew on something harder. This makes the 806 Duo Coco Sandal super versatile!

All of the materials used in the 806 Duo Coco Sandal are completely bird-safe, but you should still make sure to supervise your pet while they play to ensure a fun and safe experience. The toy measures about (15) inches tall, (5.5) inches wide, and five (5) inches deep. The entire toy weighs less than nine (9) ounces, so your bird should have no trouble pulling it all around. The 806 Duo Coco Sandal is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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