For a timeless, simple design and great performance, turn to the King’s Cages ES 2016 A. It can become a happy home for a pet bird. Check out the ES 2016 A.

ES 2016 A Kings Cages

Thanks again for joining Bonka Bird Toys in exploring more great bird cages and aviaries. Today we have another entry-level aviary for your small feathered friends, the King’s Cages ES 2016 A. It offers a classic round-top design and a durable Powder Coated wire body with plastic base.

ES 2016 A Kings Cages

There are quite a few “ES 2016” Birdcages from King’s Cages. In the case of the ES 2016 A, the “A” stands for Arch Top, which really can be considered the defining characteristic of this aviary. Its rounded arch top is pleasing and somehow calming, especially when compared with a more “boxy” top. If you want a long-lasting rounded arch top cage at an affordable price, then you can’t go wrong with the ES 2016 A. It’s another great option from King’s Cages!

We have been checking out many cages in the Bonka Bird Toys Blog lately, and we’ve seen everything from high-end “luxury” aviaries, to more starter “entry-level” cages. The ES 2016 A is definitely in that latter category. We understand that not everyone is ready to make the jump to a more expensive, feature-rich aviary. For example, we encounter many people who are still new to bird keeping, and they’re still figuring out if the hobby is right for them. Or maybe instead of buying one expensive, luxury cage every decade, you prefer the excitement of getting a brand-new cage every year. In any case, we have you covered if you decide you want to explore the world of inexpensive bird cages like the King’s Cages ES 2016 A Arch Top Cage.

ES 2016 A Kings Cages

Let’s take a look at the construction of the ES 2016 A. It has a sturdy plastic base that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and activity, while also being lightweight and easy to move and transport if needed. However, it should be noted that this is not a traveler cage. Its rounded top does make it difficult to stack if you are needing to efficiently fit multiple cages into a small area. But users looking to prominently display the cage and have their flying pal as the center of attention will likely appreciate the rounded arch top. It really gives the ES 2016 A some extra character. It’s hard not to smile and feel a bit happy as you look at it. The cage is cozy, rounded, and overall an inviting and capable home for the small bird in your family.

But what you might not immediately notice about the ES 2016 A is that its wire body is Powder Coated. This makes the ES 2016 A unquestionably tougher and much more durable than a “paint-finished” cage. It is also safer, as the non-toxic Powder Coated finish won’t result in paint chipping off and potentially exposing your pet. While this is not the same “Signature Five Stage Powder Coating” seen on the high-end King’s Cages aviaries, it is still a major step up from the shockingly low-grade aviaries you may encounter outside of Bonka Bird Toys. Many of those cages are manufactured overseas in countries like China, and the lack of quality is apparent immediately. Paint-finished cages do not represent a safe long-term option for your pet, and even if you cannot break the bank with a premium luxury cage, you can still get a perfectly safe, Powder Coated wire body cage like the ES 2016 A. It may be one of their “entry level” options, but the King’s Cages ES 2016 A is still a perfectly suitable choice for safely housing your pet.

Whether you’re new to bird keeping or you have already made friends with plentiful pecking pals through the years, you likely know that the size of your bird is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not any particular cage is a good purchase choice for you. It’s simple really. If your bird doesn’t fit in the cage, then it shouldn’t fit into your purchase plans! You want your pet to feel comfortable and happy in their cage, and that means getting an aviary with ample space. For the ES 2016 A, the cage is built with smaller birds in mind.

You can tell that the ES 2016 A is an aviary for smaller birds based on its dimensions of (16) inches long by (20) inches wide by (26) inches high. Written differently, this is 16”L x 20”W x 26”H. The cage has bar spacing of three-fourths of an inch, or (¾”). Make sure that your pet isn’t small enough to stick their head through and possibly become stuck! Some species that do very well in the King’s Cages ES 2016 A include Cockatiels, Finches, Parakeets, Canaries, and Lovebirds. It’s also noteworthy that you can safely house a small group of two (2) to (4) birds in the ES 2016 A, provided that they are known to be non-aggressive towards one another. Make sure that all of your avian amigos are happy with this arrangement before making it permanent!

ES 2016 A Kings Cages

Somehow we have made it this far into our King’s Cages ES 2016 A Aviary Review without discussing any special features. We must admit that the cage features are relatively basic, and they aren’t exactly going to astonish an avian authority. But nonetheless, these are still very helpful features and capabilities that you will be quite happy to have for your bird’s new cage. The King’s Cages ES 2016 A includes a pull-out tray for easy access and a metal grill that is simple to wipe down and clean. Two (2) enticing wooden perches wait patiently inside the aviary for your winged wingman to rest upon and make their own. There are also two (2) plastic food cups in the aviary for feeding. The cage only offers one (1) door, which is its front access door. The door opens outward to prevent your pet from possibly escaping. Noticeably absent from the King’s Cages ES 2016 A is a seed guard “skirt” for stopping messes.

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to move the ES 2016 A Cage around, as it only weighs twelve (12) lbs. Keep in mind though that this isn’t a traveler cage, and you should not be using it to regularly transport your pet. Bonka Bird Toys offers a selection of travel cages that you may want to check out. We also wrote a special blog post checking out one of our favorites, the King’s Cages ES 1818 PM Travelling Bird Cage. But returning to the ES 2016 A, since this is a very lightweight cage, make sure that you place it somewhere very sturdy where it cannot be easily knocked over and fall. A dropped cage could injure your pet and leave you with a very big mess. Safe cage placement is incredibly crucial for a lightweight aviary like this one. But if you do decide that this petite arch top cage is the one for your pet, then you will be glad to know that you can choose between Blue/White, White, and Black color options, all of which look superb!

And don’t forget to grab some new toys to decorate your King’s Cages ES 2016 A Aviary! Bonka Bird Toys has the small bird toys to make your small taloned trustee a happy camper. You likely already know that our selection is awesome. And that’s no surprise when you’re the world’s leading authority when it comes to bird toys and accessories. But if you want some suggestions for smaller bird toys for the King’s Cages ES 2016 A, we have the 829 Foraging Balls, the 1356 Star Sneaker, the 1861 Flower Power, the 1928 Wiggle Sneaker, the 1545 Wiggle Wood, the 1763 Heart Charm, and many more. Comment down below with toys you think would look great in this aviary. And stay tuned for more cage reviews in the Bonka Bird Toy Blog coming soon!

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