Spotty Sola Foraging Bird Toy

$6.99 USD


The Spotty Sola is a fantastic foraging and play toy designed for small to medium-sized birds. Here are the key features and benefits of this engaging bird toy:

  1. Colorful and Exciting: The Spotty Sola is visually attractive, featuring bright and colorful components. The colored shreddy paper and cup are designed to catch your bird's attention and encourage playtime.

  2. Foraging Opportunities: Foraging toys are essential for birds, and this one provides a great opportunity for your feathered friend to explore, manipulate, and discover hidden treasures. The shreddy paper and cup can be used for foraging activities, stimulating your bird's natural instincts.

  3. All-Natural Sola Ball: The inclusion of a sola ball is a fantastic addition. Sola balls are popular among birds because they provide a non-toxic and healthy way for them to chew, shred, and destroy toys. This ensures that your bird can have tons of fun while maintaining its well-being.

  4. Dimensions: The Spotty Sola measures 11 inches in height and 4 inches in width, making it an appropriately sized toy for small to medium-sized birds. This size allows your bird to interact with the toy comfortably.

  5. Lightweight: Weighing approximately 1 ounce, the Spotty Sola is a lightweight toy, making it easy for your bird to handle and play with.

Overall, the Spotty Sola is a delightful addition to your bird's aviary, promoting play, foraging, and healthy activities. The combination of colorful components and the inclusion of the sola ball ensures that your bird will be entertained while maintaining its physical and mental well-being.