Small Rainbow Spike Balls

$6.99 USD

Rainbow Spiky
The 3302 Small Rainbow Spike Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are bright and colorful rainbow foot toys for your feathered crusader! The rainbow balls are perfect for small to medium-sized birds with their lightweight and soft texture. All pet birds need foot toys in their cage, and the more colorful, the better! The spike ball sets come in packs of (12) or (24). Each spike ball measures about (1.25) in diameter. Each ball has many soft spikes, perfect for grabbing with their beaks or feet. The spike balls are very light and easy to throw about. This toy is ideal for simply throwing about your pet's cage. The Small Rainbow Spike Balls are 100% bird safe.
  • (12) or (24) Small Rainbow Spike Balls.
  • Wonderful colorful foot toys.
  • Easy to pick up and throw.
  • 100% bird safe.