Natural Gobi Tail

$5.99 USD


Natural Gobi Tail (Brassica oleracea var) Cabbage Root is a captivating and natural addition for your cherished feathered friends; this unique toy resembles stems of driftwood or dried branches, providing an enriching and organic experience for your bird. Each package includes 6 Gobi Tail stems, offering plenty of options, from natural foot-talon toys to craft parts for creating an engaging, dynamic bird toy. Measuring approximately 3.50 to 5.00 inches in length and 1.00 Inches in diameter, these Gobi Tail stems provide ample opportunities for your bird to explore, perch, and play. The varying textures and shapes of the stems mimic the natural environment, encouraging your bird's instincts and promoting physical activity.

  • Gentle chewing, unlike harder woods or materials, the Gobi tail stems provide natural soft chewing.
  • Stimulating to keep your pets mentally and physically aroused, they will love the Gobi tail stems.
  • Helps dental health in small animals such as chinchilla hamsters and gerbils gnaw on Gobi tail stem toys
  • Six natural Gobi tail stems that measure 3.50 to 5.00 inches long by 1.00 inches wide.
  • Pet and bird safe made using the stems of the Gobi tail, the natural organic bird toy.