Natural and Colored PK 3 Six Point Star

$6.99 USD


Bonka Bird Toys – Natural and Colored PK 3 Six Point Star

Overview: Introduce a burst of color and fun to your bird's day with the PK 3 Six Point Star from Bonka Bird Toys. Crafted from woven palm leaves, this engaging toy is available in both natural and vibrant colored variants, making it a perfect companion for small to medium birds. With a 3-inch width, it offers ample space for pecking, pulling, and perching.

Key Features:

  • Natural Materials: Constructed from eco-friendly, bird-safe woven palm leaves.
  • Vibrant Colors: Available in eye-catching, non-toxic colors to stimulate your bird’s senses and enhance playtime.
  • Promotes Mental Health: Reduces boredom by encouraging natural foraging and pecking behaviors.
  • Recommended by Experts: Endorsed by avian professionals for its safety and enrichment qualities.
  • Perfect Size: Approximately 3 inches wide, ideal for various bird sizes from small to medium.

Product Description: The PK 3 Six Point Star is more than just a toy; it's a tool for enrichment and mental stimulation. Its complex woven texture challenges birds, encouraging interaction and providing essential physical activity. Safe, engaging, and colorful, this toy ensures your bird’s playtime is both productive and enjoyable, helping to maintain their overall well-being and happiness.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction and your pet’s happiness are our top priorities. Bonka Bird Toys is committed to delivering high-quality products that you and your feathered friends will love. The PK 3 Six Point Star comes with our assurance of excellence and a guarantee of delight for both you and your bird.

Additional Benefits:

  • Stimulates Natural Instincts: Encourages birds to indulge in their natural pecking and foraging behaviors.
  • Durable Design: Built to last, even against the toughest peckers.
  • Non-Toxic: Completely safe for chewing and regular play.
  • Easy Installation: Can be easily attached to any bird cage for immediate fun.

Usage Instructions: Easily integrate the Six Point Star into your bird’s environment by attaching it to the cage with the included attachment or placing it inside for freestyle fun. Prepare for endless entertainment and active engagement.

Boost your bird’s mood and cage appeal with the PK 3 Six Point Star by Bonka Bird Toys – your pet's new favorite source of fun and activity!