Mini Sola Balls

$8.99 USD


The 3891 Pk 6 and 3892 Pk12 Mini Sola Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are perfect small-sized foot toys. These mini natural chew balls are great fun.
Each pack includes (6) or (12) mini sola balls ready to play with. These are smoothly cut tiny chewable foot toys made from the sola plant. The balls are created by tying together many pieces of sola, formed into a sphere shape, cut to size, and left to air dry. Sola is super lightweight, letting the most petite pets enjoy and interact with it. The balls are entirely chewable, natural, and bird safe.
All pet birds, small and large, need quality and entertaining foot toys. These mini sola balls are ideal for all small pet birds. These balls can be chewed, foraged, broken into pieces, hung around the cage, and added to other toys. The appealing shape entices all breeds of birds to come and enjoy. These mini sola balls are made to thrill from Budgies to Canaries, Parrotlets to Quakers, and Finches to Doves—a perfect natural foot toy.
These chewable balls vary slightly in shape and size as they are 100% natural.
Single Ball Specifications:
Diameter: (1.5) inches. 
Weight: Under (1.0) ounce.

  • All-natural foraging and chewing items.
  • Easy to play with soft, natural material.
  • Multiple uses.
  • 100% bird safe.