Cockatoo Renew Shampoo 17oz

$16.99 USD

Kings Cages Cockatoo Renew Shampoo 17 Ounces is specially formulated for Cockatoos white feathers. Without the use of bleach, peroxide or alcohol made with natural aloe with a beautiful coconut fragrance. Clean deodorize and shines feathers! Be sure to bathe your feathered friend to soothe dry skin without stripping oils from the skin. Domestic environments are often low humidity which often will often lead to your bird having dry flaky skin which can lead to your bird plucking its feathers because of the itchy irritated skin. Help prevent this problem with this shampoo and for worsening problems use it with "pluck no more".

  • Deodorizes your bird
  • naturally whitens cockatoos feathers
  • Coconut fragrance smells great!
  • Contains natural aloe to soothe dry skin