Christmas Box

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Celebrate the holiday season with your feathered friend with the "Christmas Box Foraging Toy" from Bonka Bird Toys. This colorful and assorted toy box is adorned with delightful Christmas designs, making it the ideal festive gift for any small to medium-sized bird. Filled with bright colors and natural shreddy paper, it offers an engaging and exciting playtime experience. The toy is conveniently tied at the top with a leather strand and comes with an easy link connector for hassle-free attachment to the cage.

Key Features:

  1. Festive Christmas Designs: The toy box features charming Christmas-themed decorations, adding a touch of holiday cheer to your bird's environment.

  2. Bright Colors and Shreddy Paper: Filled with vibrant colors and natural shreddy paper, this toy encourages foraging, shredding, and exploratory behaviors.

  3. Leather Strand and Easy Link Connector: The toy is securely tied with a durable leather strand and includes an easy link connector for simple and quick attachment to the cage.

  4. Ideal Size for Small to Medium Birds: Measuring approximately 13 inches in length and 3.75 inches in width, and weighing around 2 ounces, this toy is perfectly sized for small to medium birds.

  5. Perfect Holiday Gift: This foraging toy box makes a wonderful holiday gift for your bird, offering them a special and enjoyable way to celebrate the festive season.

Product Benefits:

  • Stimulates natural foraging and shredding instincts
  • Provides mental and physical enrichment
  • Adds a joyful and festive element to your bird's play area
  • Safe and engaging for birds to explore
  • Easy to install in any bird cage

Our Dedication to Avian Festivity: At Bonka Bird Toys, we understand the joy of sharing the holiday spirit with your pets. The Christmas Box Foraging Toy is designed with love and care, ensuring your bird gets to be a part of the festive celebrations in a fun and safe way.

Explore More: Check out our wide range of bird toys, accessories, and holiday specials, continually updated to bring happiness and enrichment to your avian companions. Let the Christmas Box Foraging Toy be a merry addition to your bird's holiday festivities!