960 Christmas Star

$7.49 USD $9.99

960 Christmas Star Bird Toy: A Holiday Delight for Your Feathered Friend

Overview: Celebrate the holiday season with your beloved pet bird with our enchanting 960 Christmas Star Bird Toy. Specially crafted for small to medium-sized birds, this toy merges the festive spirit with fun and engaging features, turning your bird's habitat into a wonderland of joy and activity.

Key Features:

  • Festive Visual Appeal: Featuring two vividly colored vine stars, the 960 Christmas Star Bird Toy is a visual spectacle. It's designed to catch your bird's eye, offering sensory stimulation and keeping them engaged.
  • Interactive Fun: With a sizable bell, this toy not only brings auditory excitement but also mimics the jolly sounds of Santa's arrival, fostering interactive play.
  • Versatile Play: This multifunctional toy encourages essential behaviors like climbing and foraging, contributing to your bird's physical fitness and mental alertness.
  • Bird-Safe Construction: We prioritize your bird's safety. Made with bird-friendly materials, this toy is free from hazardous substances, ensuring a safe playtime.
  • Easy to Install: Installation is a breeze thanks to the included quick link. It allows for straightforward placement in any cage, making it a convenient addition to your bird's play area.


  • Height: Around 9 inches
  • Width: Roughly 4 inches

Why Opt for the 960 Christmas Star Bird Toy?

  • Enhance the Festive Mood: The holiday-themed design adds a splash of cheer to your bird's cage.
  • Promotes Healthy Activities: Encourages natural behaviors such as climbing and foraging, vital for your bird's well-being.
  • Safety Assured: Play with peace of mind, knowing your bird is interacting with a safe toy.
  • User-Friendly Design: Effortless to set up, ensuring more time for play and less for preparation.

Bring Home the Holiday Cheer: The 960 Christmas Star Bird Toy isn't just another plaything; it's a festive celebration for your feathered companion. This holiday season, let your bird revel in hours of amusement and interactive play. It's more than a toy; it's an embodiment of holiday joy in your bird's daily life! 🌟🎄🔔