922 Ducky Ringer

$7.99 USD


The 922 Ducky Ringer from Bonka Bird Toys is an adorable and bright way to cheer up your feathered friend! This great small bird toy has easy-to-play with bird-safe soft rubber duckies and (3) pretty small metal bells. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector that lets you quickly hang it in the cage. A small link chain hangs down from here and continues to a small metal ring. This metal ring has (3) more small link chains hanging from it that continue down to (3) more metal rings. These metal rings on the bottom have the (3) wonderful small metal bells that birds love to play with so much.

The main parts of the toy are the super cute bird-safe bright yellow duckies! These duckies have darling painted faces and adorable chunky bodies with stubby wings. Your pet will have no problem grabbing the ducks with their beak and feet and pulling them all about. As the entire toy is hanging from the link chain, whenever your pet grabs any part of the 922 Ducky Ringer, the entire thing will move all about! Each length of link chain strings directly through the middle of a duck suspending it perfectly for your pet to enjoy. With all the bright colors, loads of movement, and bird-pleasing metal bells, the 922 Ducky Ringer makes for an excellent toy for your small-sized pet.

The 922 Ducky Ringer is 100% bird-safe and measures about (9) inches tall and approximately (3.5) inches wide, depending on how the (3) hanging ducks are positioned.

  • Bright and happy small-size bird toy.
  • It has (4) precious soft duckies!
  • It also has (3) small metal bells.
  • 100% bird safe.