886 Spoon Explosion

$6.99 USD


The 886 Spoon Explosion from Bonka Bird Toys is a lovely smaller colorful chewy bird toy for your small sized feathered friend. This small chewy bird toy lightens up any cage with its bright colors! The top of this bird toy has a small quick link connector for easy cage placement. A metal wire wraps around the quick link connector and passes through the center of the toy ending with another small metal loop on the bottom. On the top of the 886 there are small colorful beads that are super bird enticing. After these there are many colorful wooden spoons that have the metal wire passing through a drilled hole on their side. These bird safe chewable wooden spoons are easy for your feathered friend to break and enjoy. They also can move and turn around for lots of excitement. On the bottom of the bird toy there is a natural strip of leather tied into a knot. This gives your pet an ideal pull-able piece of chewing fun.

The 886 Spoon Explosion is 100% bird safe ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (5) inches

Width: (3) inches

Depth: (5/8) or (0.62) inches

Weight: Under (1) ounce

  • A great colorful small bird toy.
  • Lots of chewable wooden spoons.
  • Brightly colored beads.
  • 100% bird safe.