806 Duo Coco Sandal

$23.99 USD

The 806 Duo Coco Sandal from Bonka Bird Toys is a very colorful beak pleaser with lots of different materials to keep your pet bird entertained! This bird toy has colorful soft chew sandals, pretty acrylic rings and all natural chewable half coconut shells. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector that lets you hang it on a cage bar or structure easily. A metal chain hangs from this link and continues through the center of the entire toy with all of the other items hanging from it. This chain is decorated with assorted color plastic tubes that are great fun for pets to investigate. On (2) levels on this toy your pet will find all natural half shell coconuts that are 100% bird safe and super fun to chew and bite. These coconuts have (4) drilled holes around them that each have a sturdy metal ring hanging a colorful soft chew sandal and acrylic colorful ring. As your pet pulls and chews the different parts of the toy it will move all about making lots of fun and excitement!
The 806 Duo Coco Sandal is 100% bird safe ships in assorted color chew sandals, plastic tubes and acrylic rings and weighs and measures approximately:
Height: (15) inches
Width: (5.5) inches or (5 1/2) inches
Depth: (5) inches
Weight: Under (9) ounces
  • Chewable & pullable large bird toy.
  • Lots of chewable soft sandals.
  • Has great natural coconut shell.
  • 100% bird safe.