41346 Large Fuzzy Fun

$17.99 USD


Engage Your Feathered Friend with the 41346 Large Fuzzy Fun Toy

Perfect for Large Birds: Discover the ideal playtime companion for your large-sized feathered friend with the 41346 Large Fuzzy Fun Toy. Specially designed for bigger birds, this toy offers the perfect blend of size and fun, making it a must-have in your bird's play area.

Diverse Textures for Beak Pleasure: Your bird will love the array of textures offered by the 41346 Large Fuzzy Fun Toy. Featuring durable coffee wood, vibrant shredded corn husk, coco shell discs, and robust abaca, this toy is a treasure trove of textures that will keep your bird's beak engaged and entertained.

Healthy Entertainment: Birds need stimulation to thrive, and this toy provides hours of healthy fun. It's an excellent choice for encouraging your bird to chew, which is vital for their beak health and overall well-being. Watch as your bird enjoys endless entertainment, exploring each unique component of this delightful toy.

Safe and Natural Materials: Safety is paramount when it comes to our feathered friends. Rest assured knowing the 41346 Large Fuzzy Fun Toy is crafted from all-natural, bird-safe materials. This commitment to safety ensures your bird can play, chew, and explore without any harm.

Easy to Hang and Enjoy: Installation is a breeze with the natural fiber loop included for hanging. Effortlessly attach the toy to your bird's cage and watch as they explore their new favorite plaything. The convenient hanging feature also allows for easy relocation, ensuring your bird's environment remains dynamic and engaging.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: Approximately 11 inches high x 3 inches wide, ideal for large birds.
  • Materials: Coffee wood, corn husk, coco shell, abaca, natural fiber loop.
  • Color Variety: Please note that colors may vary, offering a unique experience for your bird.

Why Choose the 41346 Large Fuzzy Fun Toy?

  • Promotes Healthy Chewing: Essential for beak health.
  • Diverse Textures: Keeps your bird intrigued and active.
  • All-Natural and Safe: Peace of mind for you and your bird.
  • Easy to Install: For hassle-free enjoyment.

Bring home the 41346 Large Fuzzy Fun Toy today and watch your feathered friend revel in hours of stimulating, healthy fun!

    Also available in Small and Medium.