3868 Money Pot

$7.99 USD


  • 3868 Money Pot from Bonka Bird Toys, a multifaceted chew, forage, and shred fest designed to delight and entertain. This innovative toy combines a cardboard open-ended pot filled with natural-colored crinkly paper and adorned with foraging coin tubes, offering a plethora of beak-friendly materials to engage your cherished pets. Crafted with their safety in mind, the Money Pot guarantees hours of enjoyment while promoting natural behaviors and providing mental stimulation.

    Features & Benefits

    • Chew and Forage Festival: The Money Pot provides a dynamic environment for your birds to explore, featuring a combination of chewable materials and foraging opportunities. From the cardboard pot to the crinkly paper and foraging coin tubes, each element encourages active engagement and play.
    • Natural, Muted Colors: Reflecting the beauty of nature, the Money Pot boasts natural, muted colors that blend seamlessly into your bird's environment. These earthy tones create a visually appealing accessory that complements any cage or aviary.
    • Bird-Safe Materials: Made with 100% bird-safe materials, including cardboard, crinkly paper, and foraging coin tubes, this toy prioritizes your bird's well-being. You can rest assured knowing that your feathered friends are interacting with safe and non-toxic components.
    • Easy Cage Placement: Equipped with a quick link, the Money Pot can be effortlessly attached to your bird's cage, providing instant access to endless entertainment. The convenient placement ensures that your birds can enjoy the toy without delay.
    • Promotes Natural Behaviors: By incorporating elements of chewing, foraging, and shredding, this toy encourages your birds to engage in natural behaviors, such as exploring, pecking, and manipulating objects. These activities are essential for their physical and mental health.

    Perfect For

    • Small to medium-sized birds seeking mental and physical stimulation.
    • Bird owners looking to enrich their pets' environment with a safe and engaging toy.
    • Those interested in promoting natural behaviors and providing foraging opportunities for their feathered companions.

    Treat your cherished companions to the ultimate chew and forage festival with the 3868 Money Pot from Bonka Bird Toys. Whether they're exploring the crinkly paper, investigating the foraging coin tubes, or simply enjoying the tactile experience, this toy is sure to captivate their attention and bring joy to their playtime.