3773 Pk 6 Tiny Ducks


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3773 Pk 6 Tiny Ducks from Bonka Bird Toys are beautiful bird enticing foot toys that look great in any cage or aviary you decide to install them in. The tiny ducks all have smooth edges that feel great in pet bird beaks and feet. These playful ducks come in bright, ducky yellow colors and a small loop atop the duck, making it easy to string up on other toys or around the cage itself. The 3773 Pk 6 Tiny Ducks are 100% bird-safe, and each measures about (1.25) inches high by (1.25) inches wide.

  • Bright colors will attract your bird's attention.
  • Robust plastic design, easy cleaning.
  • Great simple foot toy for any small bird.
  • Design your own bird toys.