3739 Spikalicous

$8.99 USD

The 3739 Spikalicous from Bonka Bird Toys is a vibrant and engaging toy designed for small birds, offering a variety of textures and sounds to satisfy your bird's playtime needs. Its colorful components and bird-safe design make it a must-have for any bird owner looking to enrich their pet's environment.

Key Features:

  • Quick Link Connector: Allows for easy and secure attachment to your bird's cage, ensuring the toy stays in place during play.
  • Sturdy Metal Wire: The backbone of the toy is adorned with a natural wooden bead and colorful plastic straw for added texture.
  • Colorful Spiky Chew Balls: Three levels of spiky chew balls provide a fun and tactile experience for your bird, encouraging exploration with their beak and feet.
  • Translucent Plastic Rattler Balls: Two rattler balls produce pleasing sounds that stimulate your bird's auditory senses, enhancing the play experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 8.5 inches (or 8 1/2 inches)
  • Width: 1.75 inches (or 1 3/4 inches)
  • Weight: Under 3 ounces

Benefits for Your Bird:

  • Various textures and sounds keep your bird engaged, promoting mental and physical activity.
  • Brightly colored parts stimulate your bird's visual senses, adding a splash of vibrancy to their environment.
  • Designed with your bird's safety in mind, the 100% bird-safe materials ensure a fun yet secure playtime.

Enhance your small bird's cage with the 3739 Spikalicous toy, providing hours of entertainment and stimulating activity. It's not just a toy; it's an interactive experience that supports your bird's well-being and natural instincts.