3739 Spikalicous

$8.99 USD

The 3739 Spikalicous from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and fun to play with small size bird toy. This colorful toy has fun and interesting parts for your feathered friend to investigate with their beak and feet. At the top a quick link connector is included making it easy to install the toy in a cage. From here a sturdy metal wire wraps around the connector and continues through the center of the toy ending with a small metal bell. The metal wire is adorned with a natural wooden bead and colorful plastic straw. On (3) levels on the body of the toy are clusters of (3) colorful spiky chew balls. Separating these balls are (2) translucent plastic rattler balls that make great bird pleasing sounds when your pet interacts with the toy.


The 3739 Spikalicous is 100% bird safe and weighs and measure approximately:

Height: (8.5) or (8 1/2) inches

Width: (1.75) or (1 3/4) inches

Weight: Under (3) ounces


  • Fun to play with small size bird toy.
  • Brightly colored interesting parts.
  • Makes bird pleasing sounds when played with.
  • 100% birds safe.