3724 Triple Jingle Ball

$9.99 USD

The 3724 Triple Jingle Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is an easy to play with and interactive bird toy. This small sized bird toy has easy to grab materials. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector included with a sturdy link chain hanging from it. This link chain dangles down to a metal ring that sits on top of the first jingle ball. A leather strip loops around this metal ring and dangles out the side of the jingle ball. There are (2) more jingle balls with one each hanging from the leather strip legs. Each of the jingle balls are brightly colored with a (2) tone design. Inside each of the jingle balls are a loud rattler that makes bird pleasing sounds when your pet interacts with the toy. In the middle of the leather strip legs are knots that hang colorful acrylic translucent rings. Simple dangling toys like these are perfect for adding a fun to small cages.

The 3724 Triple Jingle Ball is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (9.5) or (9 1/2) inches

Width: (3) inches

Depth: (1.5) or (1 1/2) inches

Weight: Under (3) ounces

  • Small size interactive bird toy.
  • Chewable natural leather strips.
  • Colorful rattler balls.
  • 100% bird safe.