3682 Pk24 Sola Gear Chips

$3.99 USD

3682 Pk24 Sola Gear Chips for Pet Birds

Transform Your Pet's Playtime with Nature's Best - Introduce the Bonka Bird Toys 3682 Pk24 Sola Gear Chips to your pet bird's daily routine and watch their natural instincts come to life. These all-natural, soft-textured pieces are the perfect addition to any bird's playtime, fostering an environment ripe for chewing and foraging, the way nature intended.

Why Choose Sola Gear Chips?

  • All-Natural Material: Crafted from the root of the Sola Plant, these chips are 100% natural, ensuring your pet interacts with safe and bird-friendly materials.
  • Soft Yet Satisfying: The sola material's softness is akin to balsa wood, yet it maintains a satisfying resistance that birds love to peck and pull apart.
  • Versatile Fun: Not just for chewing! Break them up for foraging fun, string them around the cage for a dynamic environment, or even incorporate them into craft projects.

Product Details:

  • Each pack contains 24 pieces, with each chip approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and 0.25 inches deep. Sizes may vary slightly, adding to their natural charm.
  • Easy for pets to chew and engage with, thanks to the material's soft, pliable nature.

Benefits for Your Feathered Friend:

  • Promotes natural chewing and foraging behaviors.
  • Offers a soft material that's easy on your pet's beak.
  • Enhances your pet's environment with multiple use cases.

100% Bird Safe: With your pet's health and safety in mind, these Sola Gear Chips are the ideal choice for ensuring a stimulating and safe play environment.

Transform your bird's cage into a playground of natural exploration with the 3682 Pk24 Sola Gear Chips. Perfect for pets who love to chew and forage, these chips offer a multitude of uses while ensuring your beloved bird is engaged, healthy, and happy.