3635 Huge Branch Perch

$95.99 USD

The 3635 Huge Branch Perch from Bonka Bird Toys is a large and chewable swinging perch. This perch has a massive multi-branched heavy Dragonwood stick for its perch that's ideal for grabbing and chewing. Dragonwood is a natural wood that grows locally in Florida and is an awesome bird toy material. The wood is sturdy, has a rough outer bark that can be peeled off, and provides tons of satisfying chewing and breaking. The top of the big perch has a heavy-duty quick link connector included. There are (2) more heavy-duty quick link connectors at the top that hang from the main connector and help support the (3) heavy chain links hanging down to the branch. There are also (3) sturdy metal rings at the top of the toy. Each of these heavy sturdy link chains passes through drilled holes in the branch and has sturdy metal rings at their ends. These metal rings dangle translucent colorful acrylic charms. Adorning the heavy link chains are sections of colorful rawhide, colorful chew blocks, and smaller sections of Dragonwood. The branch itself is a large section of Dragonwood that is in the shape of a Y. The (3) sturdy link chains pass through holes in the ends of each of the legs on the porch.

The 3635 Huge Branch Perch is 100% bird safe and varies in size and shape as its a natural perch and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (24) inches
Width: (30) inches
Depth: (6.5) or (6 1/2) inches
Weight: About (5) to (6) lbs or (80 - 96) ounces approx.

* Huge chewable Dragonwood perch.
* Lots of chewable parts.
* Awesome big Dragonwood Y-shaped branch perch.
* 100% bird safe.