3615 Fuzzy Atta

$11.99 USD

The 3615 Fuzzy Atta from Bonka Bird Toys is a delightful medium-sized bird toy that promises hours of fun and shreddable enjoyment. Designed for playful interaction, this toy includes a quick link connector for fast and easy hanging in your bird's aviary. Its combination of textures and materials is specifically tailored to stimulate your bird's natural shredding instincts.

Sturdy and Colorful Construction A sturdy metal link chain drapes from the connector, holding a robust metal wire that acts as the toy's backbone. Adorned with colorful plastic straws, this chain provides an intriguing texture for your pet to investigate with their beak and feet. The horizontal wire running through the center of the toy ensures durability and stability during play.

Natural Sola Balls for Added Interest At the center of the Fuzzy Atta are two natural sola balls. Made from the sola plant, these balls are not only fun for pets to grab and shred but also add a natural element to the toy, encouraging healthy play behaviors.

Colorful Bamboo Finger Traps Flanking the sola balls are bunches of four colorful bamboo finger traps on either side. These traps can be rotated, allowing you to change the shape of the toy and maintain your bird's interest. This feature adds an interactive and dynamic aspect to the toy, making it more engaging.

Bundles of Shreddy Paper Following the finger traps are two bundles of colorful shreddy paper, adding yet another texture and shreddable element. This variety of materials caters to your bird's preferences and encourages exploration and play.

Perfectly Sized for Medium Birds Measuring approximately 10 inches in height, 11 inches in width, and 5 inches in depth, and weighing under 2 ounces, the 3615 Fuzzy Atta is perfectly sized for medium birds. It offers ample opportunity for shredding without overwhelming your bird's space.

100% Bird Safe for Peace of Mind As with all Bonka Bird Toys, the 3615 Fuzzy Atta is made with 100% bird-safe materials. This commitment to safety ensures a healthy and enjoyable playtime experience for your feathered friend.

Product Highlights:

  • Colorful and shreddable design for medium-sized birds
  • Assortment of beak and feet pleasing textures
  • Easy for birds to grab and pull
  • Durable construction with a variety of materials
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials