3589 Christmas Bell

$5.99 USD

  • Festive and colorful bird toy: The 3589 Christmas Bell is designed for small-sized feathered friends, adding a touch of holiday joy to their playtime.
  • Melodic metal bell: Features a captivating metal bell that brings a musical sound to your bird's play, enhancing their enjoyment.
  • Ideal for small bird breeds: Perfectly sized for Budgies, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, and similar breeds, ensuring a fun and manageable play experience.
  • Lightweight and easy placement: Measuring 6 inches in height by 2 inches in width and weighing under 2 ounces, it's convenient to place with the included quick link.
  • 100% bird-safe and proudly made in the USA: You can trust that your feathered companions can enjoy the holiday cheer safely, and it's proudly crafted in the USA for quality and peace of mind.

Bonka Bird Toys 3589 Christmas Bell, a vibrant and ringable delight for your small-sized feathered friends. This colorful bird toy brings the festive spirit to your avian companions, featuring a cluster of red and green crinkle shred paper, plastic cylinders, and a captivating metal bell that adds a melodic touch to playtime. Designed with Budgies, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, and similar breeds in mind, the 3589 Christmas Bell measures 6 inches in height by 2 inches in width. Despite its engaging design, it remains lightweight at under 2 ounces, ensuring easy play. For your convenience, it comes complete with a quick link for effortless placement in your bird's cage, providing them with a jolly and interactive way to celebrate the holiday season. The 3589 Christmas Bell is 100% bird-safe, allowing your feathered companions to enjoy the festivities without concerns. Treat your cherished birds to this joyful accessory, proudly made in the USA, to guarantee quality and safety.