3578 Christmas Twinkle Duck Green Basket

$8.99 USD

Transform your bird's living space into a wonderland of joy this festive season with the 3578 Twinkle Duck Green Basket from Bonka Bird Toys. Specially crafted for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lories, and other small bird breeds, this holiday-themed toy will brighten up your feathered friend's day and infuse their environment with the season's spirit.

A Festive Delight for Your Feathered Friend

Holiday-Themed Design: At the center of this enchanting toy sits a festive green duck, complete with faux twinkle lights, bringing a touch of holiday magic directly to your bird's cage. Nestled in a natural palm leaf basket, this duck is a sight to behold and an invitation to explore and play.

Engaging Features for Foraging Fun: Adorned with bright red and green foraging crinkly paper, the basket caters to your bird's natural foraging instincts. This colorful addition encourages exploration and interaction, stimulating your bird.

More Than Just a Toy

Interactive Elements: To further captivate your avian companion, a knotted leather strand and a melodic bell have been included. These elements add fun and auditory delight layers, ensuring that your bird remains engaged and amused.

Designed for Small Breeds: Measuring approximately 6 inches in height and 3 inches in width, the 3578 Twinkle Duck Green Basket is perfectly sized for smaller birds. This thoughtful sizing ensures that your bird can comfortably play and interact with the toy, making it an ideal choice for petite avian enthusiasts.

Safe and Convenient Holiday Cheer

100% Bird-Safe Materials: Crafted with your bird's safety in mind, this toy is made entirely from bird-safe materials. You can confidently hang this festive decoration in your bird's cage, knowing that it offers fun and safety.

Easy Installation: Equipped with a quick link for easy cage placement, this toy is as convenient as it is cheerful. Hanging the 3578 Twinkle Duck Green Basket is a breeze, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly bring holiday cheer to your bird's environment.

Celebrate the festive season with the 3578 Twinkle Duck Green Basket and watch as your bird discovers the joy and excitement of this delightful holiday-themed toy. Say goodbye to cage boredom and hello to festive fun with this charming addition to your bird's holiday collection