3576 Twinkle Duck Hat

$7.99 USD

  • Deck your bird's cage with the cheer of the season with the 3576 Twinkle Duck Hat from Bonka Bird Toys. This delightful toy offers a splash of festive joy, perfect for giving your small feathered companion a taste of Christmas spirit.

    Festive Features:

    • A Christmas Companion: At the heart of this toy is a charming yellow duck, donning a Santa hat and ready to spread holiday cheer. This adorable figure serves as a festive friend for your bird, igniting their curiosity and companionship instincts.
    • Engaging Foraging Fun: Wrapped in Christmas-themed crinkly paper, the Twinkle Duck Hat encourages natural foraging behaviors, allowing your bird to explore, play, and discover treats and textures in a fun, holiday-themed context.
    • Safe and Secure: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, this toy ensures a worry-free playtime. Its durability and safety make it a perfect holiday gift for your cherished pet.
    • Convenient Installation: Featuring a quick link for hassle-free cage attachment, the Twinkle Duck Hat is designed for ease, ensuring your bird can start enjoying their new toy right away.

    Dimensions and Design:

    Measuring approximately 7 inches in height and 4 inches in width, the Twinkle Duck Hat fits comfortably in most small bird cages, providing ample entertainment without taking up too much space.

    Why Your Bird Will Love It:

    Imagine the delight and excitement as your bird meets their new festive friend. The Twinkle Duck Hat isn't just a toy; it's a celebration, bringing the magic of the holiday season into your bird's daily life.